Omni maintains a 15,000 square foot facility dedicated to building and maintaining production tools. Many conventional tools such as mills, drills, grinders, heat-treat equipment, welders, and more are housed in this facility.

There are several stamping presses located in this facility, too. This allows us to develop and test tools on-site as required.

Our Tool Room facility currently has two wire EDM machines, complete with CAD/CAM interface. Also, there are four large machining centers with CAD/CAM interface, too.  These tools immensely reduce the amount of time necessary to develop and construct any tooling project.

Our Technical Facilities office is fully equipped with state-of-the-art CAD/CAM computer systems. These systems allow Omni personnel to incorporate data files of all types, enabling the staff to work hand-in-hand with client engineering departments. Our staff can do most anything with this equipment, including wire-frame, surface development and solid-object modeling. Data produced with these systems is capable of being transferred via network connections directly to machine tools located in the shop. Again, these tools allow Omni to greatly reduce the time required to develop and build tooling projects.

Omni Manufacturing invests a vast amount of resources to ensure that our tooling facility is equipped with the necessary equipment and a highly qualified staff.

Omni Hurco Machine
Omni Manufacturing Autocad