Nylon | PVC

At Omni Manufacturing, we offer fluidized bed nylon/PVC coating of small- to mid-sized automotive components. We are capable of applying various colors of premium Nylon 11 and PVC coatings, where we can achieve a thickness of .1mm to .4mm. Contact us today to discuss any nylon/PVC coating needs you may have.

With the equipment Omni uses, we are capable of high-volume production using four automated thru-put coaters, all of which utilize the best-suited heat source for your individual project; be that infrared, fuel gas or induction heat source. Our fixture racking and tooling is engineered, designed and built in house to maximize efficiencies.

Here is a snapshot of a typical process at Omni Manufacturing:

  • Parts are loaded to part-specific fixtures that are designed to maximize concentration
  • They are then cycled to one or multiple heat stations per part requirements
  • Next they are brought to powder melt/flow temperature and dipped into fluidized powder bed for predetermined time to achieve specified coating thickness (successive cycles)
  • Parts then advance to multiple cool down stations
  • When cool, the parts are unloaded and inspected to ISO 9001-2008 quality standards and packed for shipment