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 JOB DESCRIPTION: Ensures that parts manufactured by the company are produced in a cost effective way while meeting the quality standards.  Strives to make sure that parts are ready to ship to customers on time. Works to improve the production process and to make sure production runs efficiently.     



Communicate with sales to determine customer needs. Oversee materials and their costs and determine the amount required to be on hand. Maintain inventory levels to ensure no disruption of production and at the same time control costs.  Help determine the size of the workforce.  Set the production schedule to meet the ship dates of customers. Monitor production progress to ensure it is following the schedule. Adjust schedules as necessary.  Keep sales informed of  any changes in the production schedule.  Troubleshoot any problems that occur during production. Determine the efficiency of production and offers suggestions for improvement as necessary.  Complete all required reporting and paperwork. Attend all APQP meetings.  Responsible for following system controls (ISO 9001).  Maintain attendance as required by company policy, and work all required hours.  Maintain housekeeping in his/her work area.  Must adhere to all OMNI Manufacturing, Inc. policies, procedures, and instructions.



Bachelor’s degree in  related field is highly desirable. Requires 3-5 years of related experience as well as specific background in the stamping, welding, nylon and powder coating of products in the automotive, appliance, and home hardware industries.  Excellent inter-departmental knowledge and ability required.  Good personal computer skills required.   Knowledge of manufacturing environment, safety requirements,  and quality requirements. Be able to determine progressive, transfer or manual dies and tooling.  Ability to quote nylon and powder coating